Adult Pull Up Diaper , Adult Diapers Pants for Adult Incontinence Care & Health And Comfort


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Model Number: FCAD0141

Material: PE Film

Feature: Plain Woven

Type: Diapers/Nappies

Absorption: Dry Surface

Anti-Leak: Leak Guard

Weight: 16 to 18 lbs

Diaper Type: Disposable

Age Group: Adults

Color: White

Size: M/L/XL

Packing: 10pcs/bags

pulp: weyerhaeuser

SAP: san-dia,sumitomo,Chinese SAP

Style: adult diaper in bales


Minsta order: 30.000 st (3000 pack)


Adult Pull Up Diaper Everglo Classic Care Super dry Inkontinens skydd

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